Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hiking through

Hiking Through, Paul Stutzman, 978-0-8007-2053-7

I'm a big fan of reading real-life stories, I enjoy seeing how God works in them and through others to bring peace, love and courage into their lives.  I especially love it when God calls them to do something out of the ordinary and love seeing the heights that God leads them to when they follow His will! Its such an encouragement to read!
The author Paul is faced with a heart wrenching reality when he loses his wife to cancer (normally I avoid books such as these that deal with losing people to cancer or other facing cancer. In our day and age I don't think there's anyone out there that hasn't had this horrible disease touch them in some way. These books tend to be depressing to me, even when they're meant for encouragement, so usually I don't like to read them. However I'm glad that I read this book, it was really encouraging to see the author being held up by God, and seeing God's hand in his "recovery" so to speak, and how God brings him to a place of peace and purpose.) He (Paul) feels a leading/tug to get on the Appalachian trail and trusts God enough to set out on this journey set before him. Throughout the book we can see God's hand both comforting the author but also using him to bring help/comfort to others. This book was great, very well written and easy to read. Even though it dealt with sad situations, it was still such an encouraging book that is well worth reading! I very much would recommend this book!
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