Monday, April 30, 2012

The Ben Ripple: Choosing to live through loss with purpose

This book hit a lot with me, having seen the devastating effects of what cancer can have on families, it was so good to see something good come out of loosing someone to such a horrible disease.
The Author Lisa Elliott I think more than anything has effected my attitude (when dealing with loss), her courage, not only during her son's disease, but after his death as well spoke volumes to me. Its so tempting to become bitter when something so largely awful happens in a person's life, but her attitude throughout the disease, and after the loss of her son spoke volumes! (I realize that the book is about her son and his fight and the effect he had with his Christ like attitude, but I just had to say something about the author, I find her very inspiring!)
In all the book is heart breaking, inspiring, and faith evoking,  Ben Elliot's attitude throughout everything that was going on in his life is an inspiration . There was a prayer I once heard that has always stuck with me, and I found that this family really lived it out in their life. It was "In life or death, in sickness or in health, let everything be done for your glory". It takes courage to live out your life like that, especially when face with such an awful disease. I truly appreciate this book, and am very thankful to the mother, for the courage it took to write this book.
I love where she tell's of Ben singing the song "holy, Holy, Holy" and changing the words from "Lord God Almighty" to "Lord God on my team" even with it being a childish mistake, its such a truth too!
Thank you for making this book available.

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