Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The River

This is the first time I've read a book by Michael Neale, but from the look of the book and what I had been hearing about it, I was pretty excited to get my copy in the mail! I have to say that the book more than met expectations, the writing style was easy to read/follow! I appreciate books that can draw me into a story and keep me there till the last page, its unique to find a book that is this enthralling and attention holding! I found that every time I had to put the book down (It was such a good book that there was no way I'd willingly stop reading, lol, so the only time it was put down was when I had no choice!) I would find myself wondering what would be coming next in the story.
I found it funny that this book was compared to "The shack" I read the shack and didn't like it at all, however I really enjoyed this story, so for me at least this book was better than "The Shack"!
If I had to offer one complaint it would be that the story was awfully sporadic/or jumpy at times. The flow of the story seemed a little off every once in a while, but not enough that it caused me to stop liking the book!
I've heard complaints that the book isn't "Spiritual" enough (or Christian enough), however I tend think that this is a positive not a negative. This is a book that does broach the subject/idea of Christianity/spirituality, but not in such a strongly "Preachy" way that I would be uncomfortable giving it to an unbeliever. For me that's important, especially if it draws out enough curiosity that the reader will follow through on their questions!
Its a good read, and one I'd recommend to Christians and non-Christians alike!

*I received this book from Thomas Nelson to review*

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