Thursday, November 29, 2012

C is for Christmas

Cover Art

This book brought out the history nerd in me! I love learning about the different histories and getting deeper insights into the meanings behind Christ's birth and the Bible. I found this book hugely interesting, normally I can handle these kind of "non-fiction" lots of facts type books in smaller doses. However with "C is for Christmas" what I was reading was so interesting and insightful that it made me want more! I actually finished this book within a day, and was quite disappointed when it was over!
Another thing I really liked about this book is the themes behind it, the way the authors set it up in an alphabetical flow. It really looks like it would work great to use as a group devotional! We've been reading it too as a family (Although we aren't going in order!) Even my son, (who's almost 11) is really into learning the symbolism and different meanings we've found in the book!
I highly recommend this book, its really enriched our Christmas this year, and will be a big part of our Christmases from now on!

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