Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Fantasy Fallacy

I received "The fantasy Fallacy: Exposing the deeper meaning behind sexual thoughts" from Booksneeze for review. When I read that it was a book about why women are going crazy for the 50 shades, and the deeper meanings behind it, I thought that it would be a worthwhile ministry read.
I was very impressed with the author, there have been a couple of books out that involve Christianity and sex, yet all seem to be more "fluff" than anything overly helpful or insightful. Ethridge went far beyond that, she was willing to get into the "Uncomfortable topics" and give an honest look and insight into the sexual thought process, (I found this more geared towards women, however I'm sure plenty of men could benefit from this book as well!).
Honestly I think this is a book that our Church leaders need to read, it gives some fantastic insight into women and their thoughts, while being in a Godly "Atmosphere". Ethridge makes good use of Scripture, and keeps the Scripture in context (which I appreciate!).
All in all, I would say I highly recommend this book, especially for leaders!

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