Thursday, August 01, 2013

Small Town Girl

Cover Art

I cannot even begin to describe how absolutely thrilled I was to see the continuation of the story we first read about in Angel Sister. I adored the first book (Angel Sister) it has been well read and one of my very favorite books. So after reading a few pages in and realizing that this book gave us another glimpse into their lives I was so excited to get through this book!
Honestly, it doesn't disappoint at all, just like within the first book, "Small town Girl" develops even more on the characters, who are very well written and easy to emphasize with.
Kate is an easy character to like, she was well written and had that air of "goodness" about her that didn't come across as annoying or condescending. I really appreciated that about the character.
I love that Gabhart had such a strong lead female in her book. That while she was independent and strong, was still written to show regular emotions and problems. She wasn't presented as a "wonder woman" type of character.
I highly recommend this book, its one of the best books you'll have a chance to read, and I highly recommend the first book too (angel sister). (although if you haven't read it, this book will still make sense and will still be enjoyable!)

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