Friday, November 07, 2014

Playing by heart

Cover Art

This book was one of my favorites, I love that Anne Mateer put together such a strong independant  female character, who wasn't simply simpering away for some guy to sweep her off her feet!
I love that the main character (Lulu) was sure of her self in the way of knowing that she had a place in that time in spite of the views against her gender.
Mateer did a fantastic job of writing a Lulu as a strong character while still keeping her personable and likeable! I also loved that Lulu was written with her flaws showing! I always hate it (and tend to dislike main characters) that are written unrealistically perfect. Mateer wrote her characters with realistic attitudes and lifestyles, the book was very well written and I struggled a lot to put it down!!
I'm already a fan of historic fiction, but I think this book will be well loved by many people regardless of their genre preferences!!

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