Friday, November 07, 2014

Breathing room

Breathing Room

I highly recommend this book especially if you're in ministry, or the spouse of a minister! I think there's so many of us out there that feel like what we do isn't good enough, that are stuck on our failures, and full of self-condemnation, and this book address that head on, and provides some much needed help and insight!!
Leeana Tankersley appropriately named her book, it was like a breath of fresh air, and just gave (me personally at least) some space to breathe in the midst of it all. But she doesn't leave you there, Tankersley provides some great tools to continually walk in the grace that is so freely given to us by God.
Honestly, I think everyone needs this book, not just ministers and their families, too many people out there are walking in condemnation when they don't have to.  I'll be recommending it for our church library and to anyone I come across. Its an awesome book, and one you won't regret buying!!

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