Friday, November 07, 2014

Your life still counts

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This was a great month for great books! Man did I ever love this book too!! I love that in this day and age, the Christian community is finally starting to focus on love and grace, and that past failures do not predict or control our futures!!
Tracie Miles wrote a fantastic book, and one well worth picking up and taking the time to read. I love that her book seemed to have a fantastic formula to it, of healing first of those past failures/mistakes, peace for our present, and the significance of our futures! I think its just fantastic that Tracie Miles didn't just leave things at the healing and peace, but made sure to make sure her readers know that their futures are significant and that their pasts don't have to hinder them!
Again, this will be one book I'll be recommending to our church library and my friends and family.
Its a wonderful, heart felt book that really encompasses the love and grace of God.

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