Thursday, September 24, 2015

Simply Tuesday

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I am not a big reader of books that aren't fiction, self help or even a lot of devotionals tend to lose my interest pretty fast, so I am usually hard pressed to recommend them if I don't find I enjoy them.
However, I truly and fully enjoyed reading "Simply Tuesday", it was like a breath of fresh air, we're constantly surrounded by speakers or books that tell us to dream big, to get out and do more. It gets to the point that seeing these things, or being surrounded by people like that tend to make me feel very anxious. "Simply Tuesday" really released the reader to be ok with living in the moments, even the small ordinary moments. It was like a weight hand been released from my shoulders that there wasn't another  person/book that was expecting us all to take on the world and shoot to stardom. I'm the type of person who enjoys the quiet, I'd rather simply serve within the church than stand out, and for the first time that I've ever read, someone has said its ok! That living a good Christian life doesn't mean I have to jump on these bandwagons of grandeur! What a relief and release to have someone say I'm ok serving the way that I'm called to!!
I will be highly recommending this book to absolutely everyone, but especially to those who may not fit the model of "Dream big/live big" that is so prevalent in our society!

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