Thursday, September 24, 2015

Through Deep Waters

Through Waters Deep

Historical fiction, I have to say, are my absolute without a doubt, favorite genre, I've read a number of Sarah Sundin's books, follow her blog, and am always more than thrilled to see a new book out for review! This one absolutely does not disappoint either, as true to form, Sundin's characters were very realistic and down to earth. While some of the circumstances they found themselves in could be considered crazy, the build up to them throughout the book really lent itself to a believability of the circumstances, and really drew me as an audience into the whole situation.
The book is focused on Mary, a Boston navy yard secretary, and Jim a naval officer, both who are discovering that the people they are around may not be who they think they are. When a number of items are sabotaged Mary takes it upon herself to begin recording the going on's of the naval yard, and inadvertently places herself in some very precarious situations.
In all, I loved this book, it was fast paced, full of twists, and I didn't figure out the culprit/culprits at all, until the book revealed them. It was an entertaining read with a great message, I will be highly recommending it!!

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