Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Constantine Conspiracy

I'm really torn with this book, on one hand, i really loved the action in it. It was really well written and had many twists and turns throughout it that really kept you on your toes. But on the other hand, it went down the route of my biggest pet peeve, where it depicts Muslims, Atheists, etc.... (basically anyone other than a Christian belief,) as "enemies" of Christianity. I firmly believe that there is only one enemy of Christianity, and that is THE enemy. All others are just souls who need saving.
So while I thought that the Characters of the book were quite realistic and well written, and the story line was really attention grabbing, i struggle with the message the book seemed to be portraying. I feel like it plays into a mindset that many (who are outside of the faith) feel we (as Christians) hold. On that level, I would probably not recommend this book to non-believers or people who are new to the faith. However I would recommend it to those who are looking for an entertaining read, but are able to not really take the message (or part of it) to heart. ( I do like however that the book kept the main character Shannon, as someone who holds to her faith, despite the temptations to do otherwise, and I do think that the book showed a good gospel presentation.)

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