Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Touching the clouds

This book combined two of my very favorite things, historical fiction, and living in the arctic. (Although its set in the U.S. and I'm in Canada, we do share some area's in common, and I lived for a while in the Canadian arctic).
The author used some great insight and really got down pat the idea of living in the north, of the struggles and hardships, but also the strength and determination that people living up there have.
The book focuses on Kate Evans, a young pilot looking to make her own way in the world and have an adventure while doing it! Throughout the book we are able to look at Kate's struggle of trying to be a female pilot in a generally male dominated profession. I love the fact that while the author showedhe struggles Kate had challenging the mindset of the day, she also allowed Kate to keep her femininity. I think this book has so many great messages, of the love of God, of being able to do the impossible, and that God will take care of us.
A fantastic book, that will be a very well read addition to my library!

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