Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heroes and Monsters: An honest look at the struggle within all of us

Heroes and Monsters, Josh James Riebock, 978-0-8010-1398-0

to be honest here, I struggled all the way through this book, I liked the idea of it, and thought that there were places within the book that were inspiring. However the writing style the author used made it really difficult to get a good flow in the reading, plus it was a bit harder to understand. To me the prose of the book felt a little forced or unnatural.  Plus I found it hard to separate what the author was saying in his story, from the reality of the story. Some of it was was easy to tell and was quite believable, however there were parts of the story that I truly had trouble deciding if the author really thought the situations happened, or if he was just taking some creative license.
That said though, once I was able to get through the book and think more on what was said, I did start to get a bit more from it.  I did appreciate the author's honesty, he seemed to not hold much back, even if it painted him in a not-so-good light. I appreciate that kind of honesty so i have to give the author credit for that.
All in all, its an interesting read once you can work your way through the story, and one worth taking a look at!

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