Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Veiled Rose

Veiled Rose, Tales of Goldstone Wood Series #2
Having read the first book of the Goldstone woods series (Heartless) I was absolutely hooked on this series, and could hardly wait for the next ones to come out! In this book we meet Rose, a young "girl" who lives in the mountains with a grounds keeper of the nearby Summer home of a very rich and royal family. With her lives a pet goat named Bena who also keeps watch over her and protects her. While living up in the mountain Rose by chances meets up with a privileged young man who befriends her while they search for a monster living in the mountains. Rose is hiding a secret that she longs to share but is terrified by the consequences, as their friendship grows Rose begins to struggle decide if she should share her deepest secret. I loved this book, it was just as good as the first book (Heartless) it had just as much mystery and suspense throughout the book, as well as moments of complete surprise. The book is incredibly well written and it just keeps you going straight to the very end. I've read this book a few times over now, and have loved reading every minute of it! Much like the first book, this one too almost serves as a parable of both the world, our inner selves and of God's love and protection. (But the message is subtle, not in your face). I highly recommend the entire series, its beyond fantastic, This series will have a place on my s helves for a very very long time (I can't picture ever not having them, they're just too good).

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