Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Our Favorite Sins

To be honest here, I was a bit disappointed with this book. By all means it was well written and a lot of what the author had to say was quite good advice. But I had hoped that the book would be a little deeper than it was, and that it would have been willing to go into the more serious/addictive sins.  He did deal with some prevalent sins, (anxiety, procrastination, overeating, {improper} internet usage, and {improper} social media usage) but to me, these are the easier to discuss ones, but not the ones that are really bringing down and getting a stronghold in a lot of Christian lives. He did deal with everyday type sins, which is very important as well, but I feel he had {and missed} a great opportunity to deal with the more secret kinds as well.
 As a Pastor's wife, I'm generally on the lookout for books that are willing to go into those uncharted territories, that are willing to open discussions about those hidden, addictive sins that many are just not willing to speak about.  (and I do acknowledge that the author touched every lightly on these subjects) So on that level I was pretty disappointed, by the title of the book and the description, I had thought that this would be a book that had a chance to be a great tool for those stuck in sin, and that disappointingly was not the case.
However, what the author does address was very well spoken about and he used a lot of good common sense suggestions and encouraging and appropriate Scripture. So while it wasn't the book I was hoping it would be, it was still quite a good book. Its one I'll keep on the bookshelf and most likely use once in a while.

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