Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amish love

After reading one of the previous compilation Amish books (An Amish Christmas) I was beyond excited to see that they were putting together another one! I loved the first book, (its the book that got me hooked on Amish fiction!) so I had some very high expectations for this book! I have to say, they did not disappoint!! "Amish love" was well put together and even more than what I expected. The book consists of three short "novellas" focusing around the lives of three different Characters. In the first story we have "A Marriage of the Heart" by Kelly Long,  with the story focusing around 2 Characters, one a young girl looking for a way to escape her dominating father, and a young man looking to find his way back into the Amish community. They marry for convenience but along the way something more blossoms!
The second novella is "What the Heart Sees" by Kathleen Fuller, and focuses around a young woman who after being involved in a horrific accident not only looses her eyesight, but a good friend as well. Throughout the novella we see her struggles and secrets that she holds onto!
And Finally the last novella is "The Healing Hearts" by Beth Wiseman, and focuses on a woman who's husband left to visit family and didn't return until 11 months later. As they struggle to find forgiveness and a way to live together again, we can slowly see love starting to blossom once again.
All in all, i loved this book, and would highly recommend it to anyone!!

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