Friday, December 24, 2010

Flourish: Discover the Daily Joy of Abundant, Vibrant Living

I've said it many times on here, I'm not much of a fan of the self-help genre of books, I find they tend to give a band aid, all encompassing solution to people's unique problems. So I wasn't horribly excited to start this book, and prepared myself to sit down for a long read. I'm so glad though that I was mistaken! Catherine Hart Weber provided a book that didn't just try to give a band aid solution to people's problems, but instead gave some great insights and provided the tools! I loved that she included some real life situations within her book, it helped show me personally how to apply some of the principles she was teaching about. I would have preferred more scripture within the book (I'm one of those of the opinion that when you write a Christian based book, that Scripture should be an important part of it), but then again, I'm not an author so I don't know anything about writing a book! As a PW my life is a constant surrounding of stressful situations, so I have to say I really enjoyed that portion of her book. I found the tools she provided were quite helpful in dealing with those day to day stresses!
Overall, I think I would easily recommend this book to anyone, regardless of their beliefs and place in life. I think the book offers some good to everyone!

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