Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love on the line

Love on the Line, Deeanne Gist, 978-0-7642-0409-8

I had read Deeanne Gist's book "Maid to match" a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was pretty excited to have a chance to review another one of her books! I've found with Gist's books that while they do have that "romantic" aspect to them they are also filled with adventure and humor, so it's a very well rounded book for a picky reader!
The book focuses on one of the main characters Georgie Gail who is very much a feminist in a time where its not too popular to be one. She works as a telephone switchboard operator and has a passion for birds!  Her life hits an exciting moment when the train she is riding on is robbed by a famous criminal who seems too good to be true. An undercover officer (unbeknownst to Georgie) shows up to fill the position of lineman and from then on Georgies life begins to take some wide turns. From having to work with a man who doesn't necessarily agree with her feminist ideas to fight her growing admiration and attraction for him, Georgie finds herself struggling.
I enjoyed this book, it was witty and humerus, which I always appreciate, plus it was very well written. 

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