Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Necessary Deception

Necessary Deception, A, Laurie Alice Eakes, 978-0-8007-3466-4 This book had a great quality to it, I was easily able to identify with the main character and her struggles of feeling like what she's done and is doing isn't good enough, and that she has to work to make up for her past mistakes. I think that's a theme that many women struggle with and this book really brought them out in an identifiable and compassionate way!
Lady Lydia Gale is struggling to make up to her deceased husband for not being the wife she thought she should have been. So upon a letter written to her from him, she uses one of her last "remembrances" from him to purchase the freedom of a french prisoner. Upon his release she finds herself thrown into a world that she never wanted a part of, and has no idea how to get out of! In the midst of this she is also struggling to please her father who had not wanted her to marry her former husband, and is trying to win back his approval.
This book was a fantastic read, it was well written and had a great flow, which made the reading of it enjoyable. But also, it was realistic in the way that what the characters were feeling was something that most women can identify with!
I highly recommend this book!

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