Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Courageous Living: Dare to take a stand

"We each have a choice: We can be average or exceptional. We can play at church, or we can be radical for Christ. We can base our lives on the worlds's standards of success, or we can dig in the Bible and ask God to show us where He wants us to live and who He wants us to be."
This basically sums up what this book is about, its about living courageously, not just settling for good enough. The book is full of stories of others who have lived courageously, who when given the opportunity to sit back and let life go by they instead took the initiative to live radically the way that Christ calls us to!
I absolutely love this book, it's so inspirational!! I love that the author (Michael Catt) gives us both examples from the Bible of courageous living, as well as modern day stories from real people. i think the book has a great balance of biblical backing, yet is a fascinating read as well!
I highly recommend this book! I think this one will be one of those life changing books, once you've read it you can't just go back to living just that average life!

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