Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Resolution for Men

"This book is an unapologetic call for men to live courageously for their faith and their families. it is designed to strategically challenge you to become the man God created you to be."
I gave this book a quick read through, and garnered a lot from it, but I'm even more excited to have my husband read through it. I think he'll get so much out of it, I'm not a man and I received so much for it, so I know he'll love it!
I assume the author will receive some flack for this book, it's very much a book about men stepping up and giving direction and leadership in the spiritual lives of their families. (and I 100% agree with the book) our world right now is so much about pushing aside gender "roles" and almost forcing our men to take a back seat while pushing the women to step into roles that some are just not comfortable with.
I strongly believe that right now many churches lack this balance of having masculine leadership in the church (and don't get me wrong, I don't have issues with female leaders or pastors). I  highly recommend this book!

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