Saturday, December 31, 2011

Valley of dreams (wild west wind ~ 1)

Valley of Dreams, Lauraine Snelling, 978-0-7642-0415-9

This was a fantastic book, very adventurous and suspenseful! I think my only complaint would be that I absolutely hated how it ended! I wanted to know so much more! (thankfully this is only book 1 and I'll have the chance to read more about these characters!!)
The main character is Cassie Lockwood, who has spent her life travelling with her family in a wild west show. She is an accomplished shooter who knows exactly what she's doing in the arena. However because of circumstances not of her own choosing she finds herself having to leave the show and make out on her own. With two unusual companions she strikes out to find the valley that her father had found and dreamed about developing. Along the way they have many adventures, some that were filled with blessings and others that were less that happy.
This was a great read. The characters were well written and while they had extraordinary circumstances/living situations they were still believable (which seems to be quite the challenge!) Like I mentioned I wished the book had gone on longer, it was so good I didn't want the story to stop!!

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