Monday, December 05, 2011

Journey to Christmas

Cover: Journey to Christmas I have to confess, I'm a giant nerd, especially when it comes to anything that even resembles a documentary! This movie (to me) felt much more like a documentary than a Bible study, (which was one of the reasons I liked it so much!) I love Bible studies that are full of knowledge (by all means, I think we need the emotional/how to apply to our lives type Bible studies, and I do enjoy them every once in a while) where reading them or seeing them helps me to leave knowing more than when I started. I have to confess something else here too, I planned on reviewing it over a few days, but ended up watching the entire thing in one day. I loved it, the scenery was stunning, the quality of this film is fantastic!
This film takes us on the journey of five "modern day explorers" Who travel to the Holy land to learn more about Jesus' birth. One thing I very much loved about this Bible study is that it gives us so many different perspectives! I loved hearing what each of the five explorers thought or how they interpreted personally what they were seeing and learning.
It's a little too late in the year for me to share this with our ladies group this year, but I know what our Bible Study will be for next year! Fantastic!!

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