Tuesday, October 12, 2010

God's promises for women of faith

What an adorable book! When I received the book I instantly fell in love with the cover, it reminds me of a scrapbook, quite cute!
I was more expecting a devotional booklet rather than a book full of scriptures. But honestly I think I like this way more than if it was a devotional. I love reading devotionals, but I think we sometimes lean too heavily on reading about God's word instead of getting into God's word. I love how the book has so many different sections (God walks with women through failure, praise His goodness, etc...) that organize the scripture into themes. It makes it simple for those times where we need specific encouragement and are able to find it right away!
I highly recommend this book, my copy is already well worn (and I've only had it for a short while!) and has become an invaluable part of my devotional walk.

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