Wednesday, October 05, 2011

NO wonder they call Him Savior

I love reading books by Max Lucado, he has some fantastic insight into the Scriptures and nature of God. I always come away feeling encouraged, empowered, and faith filled!
This book was no exception and one of those books that I'll be picking up for friends and new converts at our church. It was such a good book that really gets to the heart of why Jesus deserves our devotion, and admiration and love. We get taken on a journey of Jesus from the cross to the ressurrection, we see Jesus' stark honesty in the the Garden of Gethsemane and celebrate his ressurection in the tomb! Really this book meant so much to me, as Christians, (especially long time Christians) sometimes our faith tends to get stale and we forget the gloriousness of what Jesus did for us. We forget how absolutely astonishing and wonderous Jesus truly is. This book reminds us of that.
I love this book, I highly recommend it!!

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