Monday, January 28, 2013

An Amish Kitchen

I am a huge fan of Amish fiction, I love reading about and learning about the simple life they lead and their strong reliance on God. Also I was beyond excited to see that there were 45 different recipes in the back of this book!! The only thing I love more than reading about the Amish, is learning to cook like them!
I found this book quite sweet, the stories were short, but so well written, that you don't feel like you were shorted in any way! I've read a number of Beth Wiseman's books, so I knew I was going to be reading a pretty great book already! (and I am a bit familiar with Both Kelly Long and Amy Clipston, and have enjoyed some of their short stories in the past). I wasn't surprised by this book, and enjoyed it so much!
Each story, (From Fern's slowly blooming love and trust, to Eve's struggle to build a relationship with her mother once again) had a really great heartwarming overtone to them. They were strongly Christian stories, but not in an overtly preachy way, so I would be very comfortable and highly recommend them to both Christian and non-Christian readers alike!
Excellent book, fantastic stories, and a great read!

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