Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The marriage of Your Dreams

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Like the previous book I blogged about ("What Your husband isn't telling you" by David Murrow) there were points in this book that did reflect what I've read in a previous book on the topic of men and understanding them. However there is enough of a range of topics in this book that the chapters that were a bit similar (in concept, not text) didn't cause enough of a fuss to put the book down.
I did though, enjoy this book a fair bit more, Rick Johnson did a really good job avoiding and trying to categorize women in stereotypical ways. His energy seemed more focused on pointing out what men need/desire rather than trying to dissect and place the sexes into certain boxes, so I really did appreciate that.
I really found interesting and felt very challenged on two of his topics within this book. First, how our husbands communicate and the differences/misconceptions we have of each other in that regards. Its allowed me to have tools at hand to make known to my husband the needs I have without me communicating in a way that he won't take to  heart.
As well, I enjoyed the chapter on men and their work/need to be a provider. I am married to a strong provider so I really enjoyed seeing the insight Johnson gives on men in this chapter and could very easily see my husband in what he was writing!
I would highly recommend this book as one for women who are trying to better understand their  husbands, I really enjoyed this book and have really nothing but praise for it!

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