Thursday, April 04, 2013

Moonlight masquerade

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This is the first book by Ruth Axtell that I've had a chance to read, I'm always happy to add new authors to my library, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on this book!
Her style (Ruth Axtell's) reminds me of Siri Mitchell, or Julie Klassin's, in that she takes strong stances with her female lead characters. There are no simpering and weak women found in her book, the characters she develops on are strong, intelligent, and courageous. All in all, I very much enjoyed this read, and believe that I will be adding more of Axtell's books in the future!
Lady Celine lives resides in and engages in society in England, yet her heart and loyalties still lie with France. In a time where they are at war, this is a rather dangerous and precarious position to be in. And it is made more so when Lady Celine is also a spy for French Jacobites as well.
Rees Phillip's is sent in to spy on lady Celine (who has stirred the curiosity of England's branch of Homeland Security) and goes in to play the roll of her temporary butler. As he struggles to keep his true identity hidden and find evidence that will prove Lady Celine's loyalties, he finds himself drawn to her. Celine proves herself as an integrity filled, compassionate woman, who is simply fighting for what she believes in. Rees finds himself conflicted when he must decide between his country or his heart.

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