Thursday, April 04, 2013


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Siri Mitchell is a unique writer, she takes stories set in historical times, and explores not only the troubles of the times, but she allows her female characters to not just go with the status quo. The Characters in Mitchell's books (at least the ones I've read, and I've read most of hers!) tend to be strong women who are not afraid to stand against society when they feel its the right thing to do. I absolutely fell in love with Siri Mitchell's writing style in the book "She walks in beauty" it was such a wonderful, heartwarming and encouraging story. So I new when I agree'd to review Unrivaled that I was in for a treat! This book did not disappoint, typical to her style, Mitchell's character Lucy is a strong willed, faith filled woman, who looks to go past societies expectations and step into her father's footsteps. After traveling Europe with her relatives Lucy is excited to put into practice what she learned during her tour of Europe. With a slew of new ideas for different Candies she can make, Lucy works hard to try and save her father's floundering company.
When her company's rival suddenly introduces his adult son to society, Lucy finds herself conflicted with developing feelings for him, yet still drawn to being loyal to her family and their company.
This is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it!

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I'm so glad you've enjoyed my books! Thanks for taking the time to write and post a review.