Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a son needs from his mom

What a Son Needs From His Mom  -     
        By: Cheri Fuller

To be honest, as a mom, at times I feel like a duck out of water when I look at the task of raising my son. I don't have the bond that him and his dad have. I don't understand what it's like to be a boy growing up and I don't understand the struggles that are unique to his gender. Most of the time I make the best guess I can and pray like crazy it was a good one! This book opened a world to me, for the first time I feel like I have an insight, a hold on what I can do to help my son become a God fearing, caring, and compassionate man. I also don't any longer feel that sense of dis-attachment that comes from not fully understanding this male child of mine! Out of everything in this book, I think my favorite was that Fuller gave an age by age set of advice, so it was easy to see where I am and what I can do with my child. There was so much I learned from this book, and so much that I'm learning still. I 100% recommend this book to any mom of a boy out there, there is some great insight and some wonderful advice in this book that will help you become the mom that your son needs!

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