Monday, April 08, 2013

The Gospel Centered Woman

The moment I picked up this book and read the first page, I knew this would be a fantastic book! Even within the initial few pages I was learning so much! I struggle so much with a lot of the teachings from different authors on the role of a woman in the Kingdom of God. So many are so quick to dismiss a woman, or try telling them that their only Godly role is to be the stay at home mom type of person/proverbs 31 woman. I love that the first thing we're introduced to in this book is the lesson that we (women) too are image bearers of God. That more than anything has encouraged me so much, finally someone who doesn't want to place my value on how many casseroles I cook, or how clean my house is! That our identity is found in Christ, and our role of Biblical womanhood can be garnered from Christ's words and examples! I also absolutely loved how the author (Wendy Horger Alsup) in her initial chapter showed that the term "help meet" (that so many seem to use to push women down!) is also used in reference to God in other parts of Scripture. That was something that floored me, I have never heard this or been taught this! All the teaching we seem to get seems to be geared to push us down, and here's this term that's been used almost in a condescending way towards women, and instead of it being a minor, unimportant role, it show a role of strength, and character!
I love this book, and love that we are being taught within it to find our role in life and in God's kingdom from Christ! Such a great book!
This was something I cannot wait to share with other women, and have already highly recommended it to our ladies group and many of the ladies within our church and others!

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