Thursday, April 04, 2013

Swept Away

Cover Art

I had read the "Kincaid Brides" series by Mary Connealy not too long ago, and absolutely fell in love with her writing style. Although the books are a romance (And I'm not one to read a lot of romance books, too corny for my tastes!) they're not a typical type. Connealy is a witty and intelligent writer, who writes her female characters with strength and courage. That is what seals the deal for me in regards to her books, I enjoy the romance type books that Mary Connealy writes because they are not typical.
In Swept away, we begin to read about Luke Stone, (who happens to be brother in law to Seth in "Over the edge". I love it when Authors take a new series and still incorporate characters from previous series into them. Its like finding a friend!)
As he's traveling (and fighting to avoid being killed along the way) he stumbles upon Cassie, a young woman separated from her adoptive family after a sudden flash flood. Since he can't leave her alone to the elements, Luke takes Cassie along with him on his quest to regain his rightful property. Luke finds that Cassie is more than what meets the eye, she's courageous, a hard worker and more than a bit stubborn. As both continually find themselves in danger, they find themselves drawn to one another.
This book was excellent! Entertaining, and fast paced, it kept me interested until the very last page!

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